How can you help: By nominating someone for the dedication walk or by making a donation, or both.

(Please note -- NO donation is necessary to nominate a person for the walk.)

You can nominate yourself or someone close to you who has had personal experience of cancer. If you are nominating someone who has died from the illness, please include their age at death or the year they died. For privacy reasons, if you wish to nominate someone who is battling the illness or has survived it, please discuss it with them first and get their permission to do so. Whoever you nominate, you should include a brief description of your nominee's greatest strengths, abilities or qualities.

Please keep your letters short. The following examples are ideas only, and not based on real people...

Example 1:

I nominate my father, John Smith, for the Join the Dot's dedication walk. His greatest strength was in making people laugh. He never took himself too seriously and was such a positive person to be around. He passed away from lung cancer in 2006, aged 62.

Example 2:

I nominate my daughter, Jane Smith, who survived two bouts of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when she was in her teens. Now 25, she's a beautiful young woman. When she agreed to let me nominate her for the Join the Dots walk she asked me what I would say her best quality was. That's easy; she's always been able to accept what life's offered her - whether good or bad - with grace. I can't ever remember her feeling sorry for herself.

Why Join the Dots?

Mark Gibbens' walk is about making connections.

The statistics:

(Source: Cancer Council Australia,